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Tzeachten FC

Tzeachten First Nation has a long history with sport including soccer; men’s teams, the Lancers, the Hawks and the Tribesmen to name a few over the years. The original Tzeachten sports field was located where Vedder Crossing Plaza currently sits, and when the plaza was built, the sports field was relocated to the Matheson and Bailey site. On the original path of the Chilliwack River, where fishing weirs served as a significant part of Ch’iyáqtel culture, the Tzeachten Sports Complex now serves as a gathering place for community again.

Growing sport and recreation activities for the community has been a long-term goal for Tzeachten First Nation. After re-establishing Tzeachten FC with a Men’s team in 2020 the time is right to expand the club to include youth, and in spring of 2022 Tzeachten Youth Soccer Association was formed.

The Vision

Tzeachten FC recognizes that sport is a reflection of a society’s values, and it can be a catalyst to bring about change. We envision a future where children and youth, parents, coaches and volunteers find a sense of belonging and community and where inclusion and accessibility is reflected in both policy and

Our Mission

In pursuit of our vision, we will create the conditions for GROWTH by:

Respecting the needs of our members and staff by proactively promoting a healthy and safe soccer community.

Organizing ourselves for success in the administrative, management and governance areas, including open and transparent processes that welcome input and participation from all members.

Working together in the spirit of collaboration and partnership, enhancing the opportunities for all to participate by fostering strong relationships with all First Nations communities, schools, community leaders, and other sport organizations.

Trusting that our team has the inherent ability to succeed at our ambitious goals, increased participation in soccer through excellence in coaching, leadership and governance to strengthen our community.

Striving to be positive voices and role-models for our youth, focus on sharing our knowledge and experience, building respect and lasting bonds with our own and surrounding communities and sharing our culture.

Our Core Values

WE believe that respect is the foundation for all that we do.

WE believe all are welcome. Regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, income level, or ability you will find a home here.

WE practice a strong work ethic and role-model attitudes and behaviours that inspire those around us.

WE are grounded in grassroots soccer. It is where the love of sport begins, where children gain confidence and develop early physical literacy skills to build on as they grow.

WE realize that transparent and accountable practices and communication leads to an informed and engaged membership, staff, and volunteers.

WE understand that a safe and active community promotes healthy individuals and families and commit to providing opportunities to learn and develop together.

WE recognize that cost, transportation, and accessibility are potential barriers to participation and are committed to finding solutions so soccer can be a reality for everyone.


A holistic approach to all round player progress grounded in the principles of long-term player development.

A program where players can learn in an environment free from pressure and judgement. With a growth mindset the player is open to making mistakes and learning from their experiences. Tzeachten FC encourages players to be creative and to play with courage.

Through innovative pedagogical methods, each player will be addressed as an individual, to advance not only their soccer playing ability, but also their development as a person.

Youth soccer is an individual journey within a team context, where the ball is always the focus and point of reference throughout the learning process. Players will be encouraged and nurtured to be creative, to be problem solvers, to use the environment they are in to find solutions to the problems they face on the field and in life.