Born 2020

Our Sidekicks Program is so named because each of our young first time players have a “sidekick” who participates in the program directly with them. This is a parent or an older family member. This program is designed to introduce the young players to enjoyable activities with a soccer ball, so that they relate soccer with fun! This program runs for 10 weeks and the young players and their sidekick will participate once per week in 45 minute sessions with a qualified Activity Leader.
September through November. 2 sessions to choose from: Mondays or Saturdays

Happy Feet



Born 2018-2019

Our Happy Feet program is designed to introduce young players to the game in a fun and engaging environment. Young players will participate in small groups in fun soccer related games and activities. This program will run for approx. 12 weeks and the young players will participate in 60 minute sessions with qualified club staff aided by volunteer parent coaches.
Sessions for Happy Feet will run 2x a week from Sept-Oct 15th (weeknight plus Saturday) and Starting the week of October 16th it will run Saturdays only *Last session December 9th.
Sessions will run: Mondays and Saturdays



U7 & U8

Born 2016-2017

Our FUNdamentals program is designed to introduce our aspiring young players to the basic fundamentals of skill development. They will participate in small groups with a focus on developing a level of confidence and competence with a ball at their feet. This program will run for approx. 12 weeks and players will participate twice weekly. (weeknight plus Saturday) Sessions will be 60 minutes long and overseen by qualified club staff aided by volunteer parent coaches.
Sessions run from September until December with the last session being December 9th.
U7 BOYS (2017 Born) – Tuesdays and Saturdays
U8 BOYS (2016 Born) – Tuesday and Saturdays
U7/U8 GIRLS (2017-2016 Born) – Wednesdays and Saturdays

Team Up


U9 & U10

Born 2014-2015

Our Team Up program is designed to introduce players to the “team” concept. They are now at an age where they begin to embrace the concept of playing as a team and recognizing goals can be achieved by working together. For the first time we will place our players into teams from the very start of the program. They will practice and play together throughout the season. While we will continue to develop their fundamentals, many of the practices will be more game related and we will begin to introduce positional play.
This program will extend beyond Xmas to the end of February for a total of approx. 18 weeks. Players will participate twice weekly with one practice day and one game day per week. Teams will have dedicated volunteer team parent coaches who will oversee their games and also support qualified club staff at weekly practices.
Sessions run September 2023 through February, 2024
U9/10 BOYS (2014-2015 Born) – Thursday and Saturdays
U9/10 GIRLS (2014-2015 Born) – Tuesdays and Saturdays

TFC Community Kick

Born 2006-2013
This program is geared toward players who enjoy playing the game in a more relaxed, recreational environment, without the commitment to travel outside of Chilliwack to play their matches. This is an “in house” program that serves two purposes. Firstly to provide an outlet to play for the recreational minded players who don’t necessarily seek advancement in the game, and secondly, to provide an opportunity for more novice players who do aspire to the Development level, but need more game experience before progressing upwards. In this program we blend age groups (U11/12, U13/14 etc) and form teams to play matches locally every weekend from mid September until early December. They are also provided with optional weeknight age group practices overseen by TFC coaching staff and volunteer parents. These practices are geared towards further enhancing their fundamental skills, but maintaining the fun element of the game.
Thursday night (optional practice night) games are Saturdays (boys) and Sundays (girls).