Tzeatchen FC

Tzeachten FC recognizes that sport is a reflection of a society’s values, and it can be a catalyst to bring about change. We envision a future where children and youth, parents, coaches and volunteers find a sense of belonging and community and where inclusion and accessibility is reflected in both policy and practice.

Tzeachten FC Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Dear Members,

Your participation is key to shaping the future of our soccer Club, and we look forward to your presence at our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM). This gathering allows us to highlight the past year both on and off the field and provide some insight to plans for our continued growth.

Date: Tuesday, April 30th 2024

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Tzeachten Clubhouse, 6325 Matheson Road

Agenda Items:

  1. **Chairman’s Report:**
    • Highlights from the past year
    • Accomplishments
    • Challenges faced
    • Future initiatives
  2. **Treasurer’s Report:**
    • Presentation of financial statements:
      • Income statement
      • Balance sheet
    • Overview of financial performance
    • Discussion of any financial concerns or opportunities
  3. **Election of Officers:**
    • Nomination process
    • Voting procedure
  4. **New Business:**
    • Any new items or topics for discussion

Your attendance and participation are welcome as we work together to shape the future of our club. Whether you’re a player, coach, parent, or supporter, your input is invaluable.

Thank you for your continued dedication and support. Let’s come together to ensure a vibrant and successful future for Tzeachten FC.

Best regards,

Shannon McDonald
Tzeachten FC


Volunteer Coaches


The dedicated volunteers at the core of Tzeachten Football Club are the driving force behind the unique bond of our club family.

Our players rely on these hardworking and committed coaches, who serve as the backbone of our organization. Without their selfless contributions, we would be unable to field teams or provide the necessary support for children and youth eager to partake in the captivating world of soccer.

How to express your interest:

⚽ NO experience needed!

⚽ All training and support provided by TFC staff coaches and our TD and Asst TD.

⚽ Criminal Record Check and Respect in Sport certification required with all expenses covered by TFC.

⚽ Coach apparel provided.

"A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime."

To start your coaching journey with TFC please fill out our Volunteer coach application form.