The following applies to all coaches & team staff involved with Tzeachten FC teams.

As a coach or member of team staff must abide by the following standards of behaviour:

1. Physical Safety & Health of Players

  • Ensure that the training or game site is safe at all times.
  • Be prepared to act quickly and appropriately in adopting the club’s Emergency Action Plan during emergencies.
  • Avoid placing athletes in situations that present unnecessary risks for their physical and mental well being.
  • Strive to preserve the present and future health and well being of all players.

2. Coaching Responsibility

  • Foster self esteem among all players.
  • Make wise use on authority to make decisions that are always in the best interest of the players.
  • Recognize one’s limitations in terms of knowledge and skills.
  • Honour commitments, word given and agreed objectives.
  • Maintain confidentiality and privacy of personal information and use it appropriately.

3. Integrity in Relations with others

  • Avoid situations that may affect objectivity and impartiality of coaching duties.
  • Refrain from all behaviours considered to be harassment.
  • Refrain from all behaviours considered to be inappropriate relations with players.
  • Always ensure decisions are taken equitability.

4. Respect

  • Ensure that every player is treated equally, regardless or age, ancestry, colour, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, language, creed, religion, athletic potential, disability, family status, gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.
  • Preserve the dignity of each player in interacting with others.
  • Respects the club’s principles, rules, and policies.

5. Honouring the Sport

  • Strictly observe and ensure observance of all regulations.
  • Aim to compete fairly at all times.
  • Maintain dignity in all circumstances and exercise self control at all times.
  • Respect game officials and accept their decisions without questioning their integrity.
  • Respect opposing teams and their staff.
  • Refrain from engaging in potentially negative dialogue with opposing team staff, parents. Report situations of this nature to game officials and trust them to manage it effectively.

6. Aboriginal Coaching Modules